Dual Education System

Many professions in Germany are based on well-grounded education. This includes both traditional trades and commercial, technical or service-related professions. Education/training in trades, in industrial companies or administrative department opens up a wide range of professional prospects and is almost on an equal footing with an academic qualification after the corresponding training and further training. This type of professional education has existed in Germany for many generations and is regarded as a reason for the low youth unemployment in the country by experts.


The principle

A condition for professional training in the dual system in Germany is a contract of apprenticeship. You apply for an apprenticeship with a company to obtain this. The necessary school qualification determines the relevant company offering the apprenticeship. After a successful application, the apprenticeship, which usually takes 2-3 years, will start. The practical part will be provided to the apprentices in the company and the vocational school will chiefly provide the theoretical part. After passing the exam at the end of the apprenticeship, the “former” apprentice will receive three certificates: A certificate from the company providing the apprenticeship, a vocational school certificate and a completion certification or apprenticeship diploma or certificate of proficiency. 


Useful information about education/training