Language is the key to integration in the new home country
and enables greater contact with the local residents.


Public Organisations

“Life is too short, to learn German” ... but if you would like to live and work in Germany, you should learn our language as quickly as possible. This is important to make yourself understood in everyday life and get to know new people. In the Ingolstadt region there are many organisations, which offer subsidised language courses. More detailed information is also available at the Aliens Department. And to be honest - German is not really that difficult!

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Private Language Schools

In addition to public organisations, there are also private language schools and institutes in our region, which offer a wide range of German courses.  They range from traditional introductory courses in a group, to subject-based courses and specialised intensive courses or individual coaching. Fees are charged for these services. The relevant providers will advise you about any subsidies.

Some differences

Germany is a free democratic and social country.
But there are special cultural customs apply here, which you should know.
Insurance, taxes, social interaction ...
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