Administrative district of Eichstätt

The administrative district has existed in its current form for more than 40 years. Its diversity makes it unique in Bavaria. In hardly any other administrative district are tradition and progress, life close to nature and highly productive work, nurture of history and future-oriented action so close to each other.

The heart of the administrative district is the Altmühltal national park. Over 80 percent of the entire area of the administrative district is situated in the national park and it offers a very popular area for relaxation and leisure with its natural beauty. Cycling on the large number of cycle paths along rivers or cultural monuments, boat trips on the river Altmühl, climbing on the Jura chalk cliffs of the Frankenalb and boat excursions on the Main-Danube canal are only some of the leisure options. Tourism is an important economic factor in the administrative district of Eichstätt, the tourist infrastructure is sustainable and well-developed. Situated on the Altmühl valley cycle path, one of the most famous long-distance cycle paths in Germany, the Altmühltal national park and with it the administrative district of Eichstätt are among the most important bicycle tourism regions in Germany. Conference tourism has developed here near the A 9 motorway in the heart of Bavaria into a firmly establish tourist mainstay.

The economic location features many innovative medium-sized and larger industrial companies. The south is dotted with industry and commerce, characterised by belonging to the regional metropolis of Ingolstadt. The north tends to be characterised above all by the conditions created by the natural landscape and in particular by the economic sectors of the stone industry, agriculture and tourism. The administrative district offers companies relatively low business tax rates and a qualified workforce. For many years the administrative district of Eichstätt has had the lowest unemployment rate and debtor rate in Germany and is therefore an attractive business location.