Administrative district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen

In the heart of the Free State, nature becomes quality of life, business becomes living space and culture becomes enjoyment of life. People enjoy living here. They simply have more of life here! Two cities, two market towns and 14 municipalities together form the administrative district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen. With over 740 km², it’s one of Bavaria’s smallest administrative districts. There are approximately 95,000 inhabitants and they appreciate their central location in the Munich-Augsburg-Ingolstadt triangle, which offers them first-class connections to the centres of high population. Neuburg-Schrobenhausen is one of Germany's most attractive economic regions. Diversity characterises the structure of the local economy – the slogan “Handicraft to high tech“ sums it up precisely: The administrative district is home to a large number of small and medium-sized companies and the base for globally successful businesses. The administrative district scores through is range of high quality educational opportunities that are close at hand.

During the last few years the administrative district has gained a profile as a modern clinic and health location with comprehensive medical care at the highest level. In Schrobenhausen the district hospital covers basic and conventional care with its emergency treatment wards. In Neuburg the acute hospital and children's clinic is combined in the St. Elisabeth Clinics, in whose neighbourhood the geriatric centre is also located.

The range of countryside stretches from the limestone heights of the Jura in Swabia-Franken in the north, via the ecologically significant lowland forests in the Danube valley and the Danube marshland in the middle to the chain of the Alpine foothills in the south.  The beautiful natural landscape is an invitation for a wide range of activities and makes the district a real paradise for people looking for relaxation and nature-lovers.