Travel & residence

Citizens of third countries:
The residence permit is for a limited period of time and is associated with a specific purpose such as employment or education. It is also granted for humanitarian or political reasons and those under international law. The settlement permit is unlimited and the holder can work automatically. In order to obtain it one generally has to hold a residence permit for at least five years, have a job, with which one can pay for living costs and support the family, have sufficient knowledge of German and one must not have a criminal record.

Special regulations for nationals of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America:
You can also obtain the required residence title for specific purposes and a work permit from the responsible Aliens Department in Germany after you have entered the country.

EU Blue Card
This is intended for highly qualified specialist staff, usually academics with a qualification from a German or recognised foreign university from non-EU countries. The residence permit is limited to four years and linked to certain conditions such as a qualification from a university and evidence of a minimum gross salary.

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