Employment service

A personal contact will deal with the applicant and help in the search for the right profession at the following organisations. An applicant folder check is also offered here as well as courses to prepare for interviews. The staff are also familiar with the recognition of foreign educational qualifications.

Agentur für Arbeit Ingolstadt
Heydeckplatz 1
85049 Ingolstadt

Jobcenter Ingolstadt
Adolf-Kolping-Str. 10
85049 Ingolstadt

Agentur für Arbeit Eichstätt
Weißenburger Str. 17
85072 Eichstätt
Jobcenter Eichstätt
Am Anger 1
85072 Eichstätt

Agentur für Arbeit Neuburg und Jobcenter Neuburg
Längenmühlweg 24
86633 Neuburg

Agentur für Arbeit Pfaffenhofen und Jobcenter Pfaffenhofen
Hauptplatz 39
85276 Pfaffenhofen