Everyone had an open ear for my questions.

Nino Haartz, originally from Berlin, worked as an instructor in adult education and has been in the Department of Education at EDEKA South Bavaria since July 2017. There are also no comprehension difficulties here - his wife comes from Munich. He very much likes the Bavarian accent. Vice versa colleagues always say they find the Berlin accent amusing.

Mr Haartz: Who or what helped you find your feet at the start?

I received support from all sides - both from my family, my friends, but naturally also from my new colleagues at EDEKA South Bavaria, who gave me a great welcome.

Did you feel welcomed from the outset?

My start was very smooth - also thanks to my helpful neighbours, who supported with me with help and advice. I was particularly pleased with how straightforward the re-registration of my place of residence was. There were no long waiting times at the authorities, like I am used to from my previous home.

How was your familiarisation in the workplace?

I was supported in my familiarisation by a mentor from my department, the deputy head of the Education Department. However, overall, the entire department supported me. Everyone had an open ear for my questions.

Did your family move with you or is your family with you now?

One reason for wanting to move into the region was among other things that my wife is studying at THI in Ingolstadt. I try to visit my family in Berlin as often as possible and invite them here to show them my new homeland.

Is it easy to find an apartment or a house?

I was really lucky in my search for an apartment. My wife’s family live here, know the area and could therefore really support me.

How and where did you make some contacts?

Through work of course I quickly made new contacts. In addition, I can imagine joining a club in Ingolstadt and pursuing my passion as a racing bike rider again.

Do you enjoy living in the region?

Bavaria overall and the region in particular offer me many things which I have learned to enjoy and appreciate and which are not so easy to find in a major city like Berlin. They include nature, peace and quiet and calmness.

Do you have a favourite place?

I particularly like any kind of beer garden. However, if I had to decide on a favourite place, then it would be Baggersee in Ingolstadt.

Do you have any tips and encouragement for people, who would like to come to our region?

One shouldn’t be shy about approaching other people. Usually the cultural differences are not as great as one thinks.