I found some contacts through the integration campus team.

Ahmed Zeeshan comes from Pakistan. In his homeland he already had a diploma in the field of “Commerce” and had worked in an accounts department among other things. The 32 year-old is a member of the integration campus* at TH Ingolstadt.

Mr Zeeshan: Who or what helped you find your feet at the start?

The social security office and the job centre were a great help. In addition, the staff at the town hall and my colleagues at THI helped as well.

Did you feel welcomed from the outset?

Yes, I received support from all the authorities. I felt particularly at ease on the campus from the start.

How is it working out with making yourself understood?

At the beginning I couldn’t speak German well at all. In the meantime, my language skills have improved a lot.

How and where did you make some contacts?

I made some contacts through the team at the integration campus.

Do you enjoy living in the region?

Yes, the city is beautiful and people here are very nice.

Do you have a favourite place?

My favourite places are at THI or by the Danube.

Do you have any tips and encouragement for people, who would like to come to our region?

You definitely have to be able to speak German and know German legislation.