Health care

Your health care insurance fund (health care insurance) assumes the cost for your medical treatment. The basic insurance protection of the statutory health care funds covers the following benefits:

  • Outpatient medical treatment
  •  Basic dental care
  •  Medicines and drugs or aids
  •  Inpatient stays and treatment (e.g. in hospital)
  •  Medically required rehabilitation
  •  Services for pregnant women and during childbirth

The health care insurance will also assume the costs of an emergency doctor for medical emergencies.

As a married insurance policy holder, you have the option of also insuring your spouse and children (up to a certain age) as your family. You do not have to deal with payment of contributions. The contributions are deducted directly from the gross wage and are directed to your selected health care fund.

Furthermore: By taking out health insurance you are automatically also insured for long-term care. Care insurance starts if you can no longer look after yourself, for example after a serious illness - in other words when you need assistance from a carer.